The Sweet Escape Patisserie opened in May 2008 with the mandate to put a unique and whimsical spin on classic pastry and desserts all made with high quality ingredients. Every day we attempt to push this mandate into new grounds, for example we make more than 30 kinds of sweet and savoury shortbread, and we smoke our own cheese and chocolate to give a new dimension to our sandwiches and desserts.


So whether it is a wedding cake, lunch with the family or a scoop of ice cream on a hot day we got you covered.


About Chef/Owner Michelle Edgar

Michelle started in the kitchen at a young age, working beside her mother baking cookies and cakes and father cooking Sunday dinners. She was fortunate enough to have other great teachers including a life changing job working at Olson Foods +Bakery alongside Food Network Chef Anna Olson.

Moving to Toronto in 2006 Michelle landed herself a few choice jobs in Toronto’s best restaurants, most notably at the Yorkville institution Sassafraz. In 2008 the urge to experiment and create without limitations became all encompassing and The Sweet Escape Patisserie was born with the help of business partner Jason Poynton. Michelle is now free to be the mad scientist she has always dreamed of being.